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Chapter 2:

We are still in the building looking down a huge gap in it. Were sitting down and are just about to start going down the stairs when one of my work friends comes around the corner and stares at me then starts walking towards me. “hey james why haven’t you got out yet?” I ask him.
“Well it’s a pretty long story, you see”
He’s just about to sit down and tell me his story then something comes and picks him up and carries him away. “HOLY CRAP” we see the thing come back around and see James fall to the ground. “CRAP COLIN RUN, GET TO THE STAIRS.”

He does as I ordered and runs as fast as he could. We get to the stairs and start to go down them at about the 5th floor up something rams into the side of the building and it leaves a hole. The hit knocks Colin over and he starts to tumble down the rest of the 5th floor stairs. “crap Colin are you okay?”
“yeah yeah I'm fine keep going!”

we get out and theres nothing out there. We continue along the street until we will get to my house.  I find my parked car and say to Colin to get in. he says ok and we start driving to my house. So while we are driving ill fill you in on my details. I live in Queensland on a stilt-house, we are driving to it now just in the back yard there is a nature preserve that leads to the beach. Were going to try to get our boat and leave the place immediately. Maybe these things wont be wherever were going to go. We continue to drive and I keep on hearing Colin moan or say ow while clutching his leg. “is your leg ok Colin, you took quite the fall down those stairs”
“yeah I'm fine David, it just hurts a little that’s all”

“really because it seems like its broken or something”
“I’ll just have to get a bandage or something when we get to your house”

The car falls silent for a couple of minutes. Its only a half hour drive to my work but this feels like we’ve been driving for hours.
“what do you think those… things were” he asks

“honestly Colin I don’t know, I just don’t know”
“well lets get this straightened out then, they can fly, they have incredible armour or something because if they didn’t then the one at our work wouldn’t have rammed into the side of the building or made a huge hole in it, theyre obviously huge and they, well I guess the only way to describe it is that they hate humans”

“yeah they sure do”
“another thing is that they are quiet because if they were loud they surely would have woken you up when it made the hole in the building”

“no actually that’s just one of my characteristics, once I'm asleep I don’t wake up till I think I'm ready to”
“how do you know” he starts to laugh.

“oh you want examples, ok then here’s one. When I was a kid I was sleeping one night when my sister Elizabeth , You know beth right?”
“yeah I know her”

“yeah well she came in and actually started jumping on me to wake me up because she was just the most annoying sister she just did it because she couldn’t get to sleep, anyway she was jumping on me and screaming. I think she woke up everyone on the block BUT me so yeah. When I'm asleep I stay asleep.”
We both start to laugh, it makes me wonder how much more laughing we are going to be doing over the next year with the apocalypse and all.

We get to my house after about 5 minutes and then we see my sisters car there.
“godammit Beth” I whisper to my self.

“ its my sister, she's obviously found out about the… uhh you know”
We start to walk up the stairs that lead to the gate on the balcony. We open it up and see beth sitting in a chair at the table on the balcony, she's on her phone.

She stands up and yells to me. I can see that she has been crying.

“its ok beth I'm here now, you don’t need to worry anymore, its ok” I say while walking up to her to give her a hug. She starts to sob when I put my arms around her. We stay like this for about a minute before she gets up and wipes her face. We all look over the balcony and stay there for a couple of minutes. What was in front of us was not my backyard. My pizza oven had been completely wrecked most of the trees branches had either broken or fallen off completely. And the worst part of it was that there was a dead kangaroo lying on the grass. You could see inside of it see its ribs and organs and blood spilling out slowly. You could see flies swarming around it. But the flies seemed unusually bigger than usual.
Then we saw a huge shadow go over it. Then the shadow went down got bigger until it eventually landed, it was a huge fly. It reached out its sucker I don’t remember what that trunk thing is called and it threw the body up, caught it in its mouth and swallowed. “hey beth was all of this like this when you got here?”

“yeah… yeah it was”
With that the fly flew off and didn’t come back. Beth ran inside with her hands over her face. She was obviously not pleased with the presentation that was just held in front of her. She always loved animals.

“when she was a kid she always begged to be a vet” I say to Colin without glancing his way once when I say it.
“I said to her that she shouldn’t be because she wont just see cute furry animals, there would be ones that would be in horrible pain, ones that you’d have to put down because they were not well enough. You’ll have to kill them Elizabeth, do you really want to kill poor hurt animals as a living, obviously this got me in trouble with my parents for saying things like that but I didn’t want her to be heart broken when she found out that being a vet isn’t a good thing. To this day she is still trying to get a job as a vet and I don’t think anyone is going to be able to stop her.”

Colin doesn’t know what to say so I take the opportunity and keep going.
“I’d say to her if you want to work with animals work in a zoo you’d still see hurt animals occasionally but nothing like what you’d see in a vet.”

I pause for a second before I keep going again.
“I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don’t want her to be sad, I would get myself in trouble who knows how many times to try and keep her safe but she just wouldn’t listen. I may fight with her, but I still love her”

Colin just stands there with his head just sort of there dangling off his neck drooping down and looking at the balcony.
“eventually Elizabeth chose to be a scientist, but guess what sort of science she chose. That’s right animal behaviour she knows a lot about how animals work maybe if we kill one of those fly things she will be able to determine what sort of unholy beasts they are” I decide to just stop talking because I know that its bumming Colin out. Then he reveals one of his biggest secrets to me.

“I had a brother”
That’s all I needed to hear before I gave went up to him and gave him a hug. I don’t know what happened to his brother but I know that he is sad about it. I shouldn’t have said those things about my sister. Know I feel really bad.

“his name was Ethan he was just 13 when he died. He was skateboarding to school one day on a bad road and he got hit by a car it was all over the news.”
I start to remember some news I saw one night about exactly that situation.

“mum made a video about how bad the pathways are and how people will get hurt just like her little baby”
He chuckles a little like hes remembering something good.

“i feel bad because the last time I saw him I was being a dick to him, he was trying to get something and I kept running away with it in my hands above my head. I said to him ‘come on get it get it shorty get it’ he hit me and got me in trouble and before he went to bed that night I said I wish you would die you’re only ever mean to me. I don’t know why but I feel responsible.”
“I'm sorry Colin I really am, I didn’t know anything about it, I'm not going to try to try to make you feel better, because I know you don’t want to be bothered after something like that. Just go up the hall way and into the first door on the left after the toilet and bathroom.”

Well now I feel absolutely terrible. I look around one more time and then just go to bed.

in memory of Ethan Stephenson


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i am a 12 year old boy who loves making movies and drawing in my spare time i love origami and will do anything involving it so if you enjoy things that i do please watch me thanks

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